Primary SOE/OSCE and Final SOE Examinations

Primary OSCE/SOE

The Primary OSCE/SOE exam is scheduled to take place as originally planned from w/c 02 November 2020.  

We are currently exploring ways to deliver the OSCE at the College with social distancing measures in place. In order to make this possible, it is likely that the SOE will be delivered at a different time to the OSCE. Alternative dates in November are being considered for the SOE. To help ensure that the SOE can go ahead, we are exploring ways of delivering this test using video conferencing technology and will update candidates as soon as we are able. 

Final SOE

The Final SOE is scheduled for w/c 7 December 2020. Additional dates may be added to this week. As with the Primary SOE, we are considering the use of video conferencing technology for the delivery of this exam.  More information to follow. 


With all examinations, we do not at this point expect any change to content and format, only delivery method.