COVID-19 and Examinations

Postponements and revisions

The College has carefully considered the potential impact of COVID-19 on our examinations (FRCA, FFPM, FFICM) and regretfully we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone the following examinations. Revised dates for these examinations are shown in brackets. 

  1. FFPMRCA SOE in March (to be combined with the session on 13 October 2020)
  2. FFICM OSCE/SOE in April (to be combined with the session on 19 - 23 October 2020)
  3. FRCA Primary OSCE/SOE in May (candidates booked for May have been transferred to the November session. Additional days of exams are being planned, months and dates tbc)
  4. FRCA Final SOE in June (next sitting December 2020. An additional exam scheduled for 2021, month and date tbc)
  5. FFICM MCQ in July (to be combined with the session on 12 January 2021)

If you have been transferred to the next exam session, you will have already been contacted personally by email. If you have not received any correspondence or these postponements affect your eligibility towards a future sitting, such as the validity of a previous examination, please contact the College. 

We will be advising schools that trainees should be allowed to progress through the training programme without having passed exams as an exceptional measure. For further information on training and career progression, please see the joint ICM and Anaesthesia website on COVID-19 anaesthetists and intensivists in training

Contact the College at

Eligibility criteria for examinations during AY20/21

We will endeavour to examine as many candidates as possible during AY 20/21 however, due to reduced capacity when delivering the examinations virtually, eligibility criteria will be applied to all FRCA examinations  - please refer to the examination regulations prioritisation of applications

In addition to this regulation, priority will be given within UK graduate trainee cohorts as follows:


Candidates who passed the March 20 MCQ will be given priority for the November 20 OSCE/SOE.

Candidates who passed the August 20 MCQ will be prioritised for the OSCE/SOE in January 21. 


UK graduate trainees who sat the Final written in March will be prioritised for the December 20 SOE examination.

Those candidates sitting the Final Written on 21 and 25 September will receive their test results after the booking window for the December sitting closes and will therefore be prioritised for the next exam sitting in February 21. We feel that is was the fairest option since March candidates have missed a sitting and will have waited 8 months to sit the SOE. September written candidates will need to wait 4 months before they sit the next component.