RCoA in the Media

RCoA in the Media

This page showcases a selection of media coverage championing the specialty of anaesthesia and the College's work. Please note that links to TV and radio appearances may stop working over time. 

March 2022

03.03.22 The Guardian Staffing crisis deepends in NHS England with 110,000 posts unfilled
09.03.22 Medical Dialogues Timing of Elective Surgery after Covid-19 Infection
14.03.22 Cheshire Live Macclesfield Hospital bosses deliver 'very disappointing' news over maternity servic
29.03.22 Daily Mail

From reusing anaesthetics to recycling masks, how the NHS is going green


February 2022

21.02.22 Live Science How did doctors perform surgery before modern anaesthesia
23.02.22 The Independent NHS faces ticking 'time bomb' of 8m cancelled or delayed operations due to anaesthetist shortage
23.02.22 Care Appointments NHS anaesthetist shortage may lead to 8m cancelled operations per year
23.02.22 Daily Mail NHS hospitals are told should NOT perform routine ops on Covid patients until SEVEN WEEKS after they've beaten the virus - despite massive backlog
23.02.22 BMJ Fund an extra 100 anaesthetic training posts to start tackling workforce shortfall, urges college
23.02.22 The National Doctors leaders warning over NHS anaesthetist shortage
23.02.22 Cheshire Live 'Timebomb' facing NHS could see eight million operations scrapped or shelved


January 2022




17 January 2022 Daily Mail  COVID-19 vaccinations
15 January 2022 Daily Telegraph  COVID-19 vaccinations
6 January 2022 BBC Nottingham  Professor Ravi Mahajan discussing his CBE 


December 2021




26 December 2021 Sky News  booster vaccinations 
24 December 2021 Sky News  Staff shortages 
9 December 2021 The BMJ 

I’d like to thank . . .

9 December 2021  The St Helens Star 

Anaesthetists at St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust recognised

8 December 2021  The St Helen's Reporter 

St Helens anaesthetists rewarded for high quality patient care

3 December 2021 Medscape 

Agency Staff Draining Anaesthetic Department Budgets, Warn RCoA

3 December 2021 Money Week  Nice work if you can get it


November 2021


October 2021


September 2021




27 September 2021 The Scottish Daily Mail  NHS now in a critical condition 
25 September 2021 The Scottish Daily Mail  Anaesthetists under strain 
16 September 2021 The BMJ Seven days in Medicine: Lack of anaesthetists will limit recovery
15 September 2021 The Independent

More patients should expect their operations to be cancelled, warns top doctor

6 September 2021 The BMJ

Why I . . . volunteer as a Royal Parks ranger


August 2021




23 August 2021 Operating Theatre Journal  Fund surgery preparation for those stuck on the waiting list or risk a grim outcome
23 August 2021 Operating Theatre Journal  Sheffield Teaching Hospitals anaesthetics team commended for high quality patient safety and care
12 August 2021  The Times 

Record 5.45m are on hospital waiting lists as backlog grows


July 2021




29 July 2021 Sheffield Star

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals anaesthetics team commended for high quality patient safety and care

19 July 2021 The Daily Mail 

Pingdemic pass for NHS staff: Pinged health workers are allowed to dodge isolation 'under exceptional circumstances' to head-off growing crisis crippling Britain's wards 

18 July 2021 Basildon, Canvey and Southend Echo Adventure Island Southend: '75 staff isolating but only 2 test positive for Covid'
17 July 2021 The Daily Mail 

France tightens its Covid rules for Brits in revenge for Boris's isolation U-turn

16 July 2021 Huffington Post The PM predicted the case curve, but will he carry the can for July's COVID chaos? 
16 July 2021 BBC News Channel Council Member Dr Jamie Strachan spoke on the long-term complications from COVID, the need for everybody to get vaccinated and staying vigilant after 19 July. 
16 July 2021  The Evening Standard 

Fresh warnings that ‘pingdemic’ will create surge of isolating workers

16 July 2021 The Daily Express 

COVID app chaos as 500,000 people 'pinged' in one week with factories on brink of closing

16 July 2021  The Daily Mail 

England's COVID hotspots: Interactive map shows virus is most prevalent in Manchester where one in 33 people are infected. 

16 July 2021  The Independent 

Test and Trace app ‘pinging’ people whose neighbours have Covid through walls, report claims

16 July 2021 BBC News Online 

Warnings grow about staff forced to self-isolate

16 July 2021 Sky News Online

COVID-19: Birmingham hospital cancels elective operations as health trusts and NHS staff face 'significant pressure'

16 July 2021  Sky News Online

COVID-19: Concerns mount over 'pingdemic' as Test and Trace app wreaks havoc

16 July 2021  Yorkshire Evening Post 

People in Leeds 'pinged' by NHS Covid app more than anywhere else in the country last week

16 July 2021  Forres Gazette

Fresh warnings that ‘pingdemic’ will create surge of isolating workers

16 July 2021 Western Telegraph 

Fresh warnings that ‘pingdemic’ will create surge of isolating workers

14 July 2021 Medscape 

UK COVID-19 Update

14 July 2021  The Pharmaceutical Journal

How I reduced opioid prescribing in my GP practice by more than 450,000mme in less than a year


June 2021


May 2021




31 May 2021 Belfast Telegraph 

Harsh reality of living with an ‘invisible’ condition

28 May 2021 BBC News Channel Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on workforce concerns and how to reduce the backlog. 
27 May 2021  The HSJ 

The Ward Round: A fragile recovery

21 May 2021 i News 

NHS warns hospitals of fourth peak in Covid-19 cases at the end of the summer

21 May 2021  The HSJ

Exclusive: NHS plans to keep electives at 80pc in next covid surge

20 May 2021 The Guardian 

New Covid wave could worsen NHS surgery backlog, experts warn

19 May 2021 The Independent

Coronavirus: NHS was ‘overwhelmed’ in January surge, study finds

12 May 2021 The BMJ

Nearly 700 anaesthetists have training interrupted after cuts

11 May 2021 The Independent

Ministers urged to expand training places for hundreds of rejected doctors

11 May 2021 The Mirror Hundreds of frontline Covid doctors to be out of work by August in 'slap in the face'
11 May 2021 The Independent 

‘A slap in the face’: Hundreds of frontline Covid doctors told they won’t have jobs from August

7 May 2021  The HSJ

Daily Insight: Insult follows injury

7 May 2021 The HSJ

700 anaesthetists may not secure a training job this summer, warns royal college

6 May 2021 BBC World

Council Member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on his experience on the frontline, alongside anaesthetists from America and South Africa. 

Part 1: bit.ly/BBCWRCoA1 (27.15)

Part 2: bit.ly/BBCWRCoA2 (27.06)


April 2021

March 2021

February 2021




23 February 2021 The BMJ

Covid-19: Vaccine success drives England’s lockdown exit

19 February 2021 The HSJ

Retirees, long journeys and more day cases will aid elective return, say doctors

18 February 2021 Heart, Smooth and Capital radio stations in Wales  Chair of our Welsh Board Dr Abrie Theron spoke on the Referral to Treatment figures in Wales. 
18 February 2021 ITV Online

Wales' treatment time target for suspected cancer missed with more than 460 patients waiting

17 February 2021 BBC Two and BBC News

Vice President Professor William Harrop-Griffiths spoke on the increasing waiting lists and the need to make staff wellbeing central to the resumption of services. 

11 February 2021 The BMJ

Covid-19: Healthcare staff must be given time to recuperate from pandemic, say leaders

2 February 2021

The Daily Mail

Hearing music when you are under the knife during means you feel less pain when you wake up, new research suggests

1 February 2021 The Times 

Patients face fall in care quality as NHS training stalls in coronavirus pandemic

January 2021


29 January 2021 The BMJ

Increasing recruitment into COVID-19 trials

27 January 2021 The Times 

The NHS has reached an awful milestone – here’s how we recover

22 January 2021 The BMJ

How is the pandemic affecting non-COVID services?

19 January 2021 Radio 5Live Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on the need to remain vigilant, the necessity of lockdown and the overwhelming of services across the NHS. 
15 January 2021 The Economist 

How the pressure is being felt in English hospitals.

14 January 2021 BBC News  Vice President Professor William Harrop-Griffiths spoke on increasing waiting lists for planned surgery and the importance of following the guidance. 
14 January 2021 LBC Vice President Professor William Harrop-Griffiths spoke on  operations being suspended during the pandemic and the importance of the public knowing the NHS is still open. 
14 January 2021 The HSJ

Hard-hit region has more than twice as many critical care patients as last winter.

11 January 2021 ITV  Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on ICU capacity and the pressures facing the NHS. 
11 January 2021 LBC

College spokesperson Dr Joe Cosgrove spoke on ICU capacity, planned surgery cancellations and staff illness.  

11 January 2021 The Express

'People are Frightened!' Naga Munchetty probes support bubbles ban 'could be an option' 

11 January 2021 BBC 5Live Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on ICU capacity, planned surgery cancellations and staying safe during lockdown.
9 January 2021 The Mirror Staggering 350,000 patients to wait a year for surgery with £5.4bn cost to clear backlog
6 January 2021 The Times

‘Devastating’ risk as cancer operations are delayed due to Covid

6 January 2021 The Daily Mail 

Cancer crisis hits hospitals: Fears for patients and heart victims as doctors are forced to axe urgent surgery amid Covid-19 surge

December 2020


31 December 2020 Times Radio  Vice President Dr Fiona Donald spoke on pressures in the NHS and why we all need to play our part to halt the virus  
28 December 2020 The Times 

Coronavirus in Scotland: Top doctors fear ‘perfect storm’ could soon overwhelm the NHS

23 December 2020 BBC Radio Bristol

Vice President Dr Fiona Donald spoke on the need to follow the guidelines this Christmas. 

23 December 2020 Southern Daily Echo 

Online trial aims to help cancer patients cope with pandemic

18 December 2020 BBC News

Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on the ability of the NHS to cope after Christmas. 

17 December 2020 The Pharmaceutical Journal

How our multidisciplinary approach helped us reduce our practice’s high-dose prescribing by almost half

17 December 2020 Channel 4 News 

Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on the importance of remaining vigilant at Christmas

9 December 2020 The Guardian NHS urged to publish delayed report on hospital 'witch-hunt'

November 2020


30 November 2020 Sky News 

College spokesperson Dr Joe Cosgrove spoke on the current situation in hospitals and why sticking to the guidance helps the public and medical staff.  

25 November 2020 Mirage 

Clinical trial to compare anaesthesia impact on recovery post-surgery

24 November 2020 The BMJ

Millions will face surgery delays unless anaesthetic workforce grows, college warns

23 November 2020 The Daily Mail Would you go under the surgeon's knife wide awake if it cut your waiting time for an operation?
23 November 2020 About Manchester 

Over one million patients at risk of not receiving treatment every year due to anaesthetic workforce shortages

22 November 2020 The Independent NHS ‘workforce disaster’ threatens a million operations and could cost lives, royal college warns

19 November 2020


Seven Days in Medicine: Frail patients miss out on geriatrician input

13 November 2020


Emergency laparotomy: lack of geriatrician input leaves frail patients at double risk of death

10 November 2020

Slough and South Bucks Observer 

Anaesthetists at Slough's Wexham Park Hospital honoured

5 November 2020

BBC News Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson spoke on staffing, second surge preparedness, elective surgery and PPE

3 November 2020

BBC Radio Nottingham President Professor Ravi Mahajan spoke on the opening of private wards to NHS, staffing, second surge, and the NHS staying open 

October 2020


30 October 2020 The BMJ

Doctors and patients: two nations divided by a common language

20 October 2020 The Daily Mail 

Covid-19: Will Greater Manchester´s intensive care units be overwhelmed?

19 October 2020  The Times 

NHS faces ‘catastrophic shortage’ of senior doctors

18 October 2020 The Daily Mirror NHS faces perfect winter storm of staff shortages and lack of coronavirus tests
15 October 2020 The BMJ 

Surgical procedures are “less risky than thought”

12 October 2020 Sky News  College spokesperson Dr Joe Cosgrove spoke on how the second surge of COVID-19 was affecting Newcastle and the NHS UK wide
9 October 2020 The Times 

How has the UK prepared for the second wave of Covid?

8 October 2020


BMJ Awards 2020: NHS chief hails clinical leaders as winners are announced

8 October 2020 About Manchester 

Manchester Hospital team win BMJ Team of the Year Award

6 October 2020 The Guardian  Covid precautions delaying NHS surgery may be unnecessary, study finds

September 2020


28 September 2020  The BMJ

How can I smoothly transition from trainee to consultant?

22 September 2020 Management Today The first rule of fixing a toxic culture is recognising you have one
21 September 2020 The Daily Express 

COVID panic: Graph shows Spain hospitalisations dropping despite UK claims

18 September 2020 The BMJ Good perioperative care can cut post-surgery complications by up to 80%, review shows

16 September 2020

The Chester Standard

Countess of Chester Hospital anaesthetists rewarded for high quality patient care

16 September 2020 The Pharmaceutical Journal 

Deep concern’ over ‘not fit for purpose’ draft NICE guidance on chronic pain

14 September 2020 The Times 

Coronavirus: Let partners back in for births, urges MP

13 September 2020 The Metro More than 60 MPs sign letter calling for partners to be allowed at births
12 September 2020 The Daily Mail  End the trauma of lone births
10 September 2020  The Pharmaceutical Journal  Government in talks to offer drugs manufacturers incentives to diversify supply chains
10 September 2020 The Guardian Hospital boss praised by Matt Hancock told to end ‘toxic management culture'
1 September 2020 The New Scientist Transforming pain services in the Post-COVID era

August 2020



6 August 2020



Front-line staff at risk of mental health crisis, experts warn


July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

April 2020


27 April 2020 Radio 5 Live,
Emma Barnet

Professor Mike Grocott spoke on the limited amounts of PPE & how this was affecting both COVID and non-COVID treatment

26 April 2020 The Sunday

Hospitals hit by drug shortages for coronavirus victims in intensive care wards

23 April 2020 The Guardian

Anaesthetists report coronavirus concerns over inadequate PPE

23 April 2020 BBC Wales Dr Abrie Theron, Chair of the RCoA Welsh Board, was interviewed on frontline resources and the need to treat non-COVID as well as COVID patients
20 April 2020 Independent

Coronavirus: Medics shouldn’t work without safe PPE, doctors told as fears grow UK
pandemic stockpile is almost empty

16 April 2020 The Times

How proning may help coronavirus recovery

12 April 2020 Sky News &
BBC News
Professor Mike Grocott spoke to both broadcasters on managing drug demand to ensure safe and effective patient care
12 April 2020 BBC Online

Coronavirus: 'Local shortages' of intensive care drugs

11 April 2020 Mirror Coronavirus: Medics warn NHS hospitals running out of drugs for sickest patients
11 April 2020 The Telegraph

How NHS doctors turn to WhatsApp to understand the coronavirus

08 April 2020 Financial Times

What can Boris Johnson expect in intensive care?

07 April 2020 The Telegraph

Coronavirus: What are the possible outcomes after admission to intensive care?

07 April 2020 The Sun What is intensive care and what happens to coronavirus patients like Boris Johnson in ICU?
07 April 2020 BMJ

Skill sharing in a pandemic: five minutes with . . . Helgi Johannsson

06 April 2020 BBC Newsnight Professor Mike Grocott was interviewed on ICU care in light of the PM’s admittance to hospital

March 2020


28 March 2020 BBC Online

Coronavirus: Stay fit to fight the virus, say medics

24 March 2020 The Times

Heartbreaking work for medics on infection front line in capital

24 March 2020 BBC Breakfast

Professor Mike Grocott spoke to the BBC on the importance of PPE

18 March 2020 The Evening

NHS will find it 'impossible' to maintain 24/7 cover during coronavirus pandemic if staff asked to self-isolate

18 March 2020 Victoria
Council member Dr Helgi Johannsson was interviewed on the cross-skilling of anaesthetists for work in intensive care
12 March 2020 Independent

Coronavirus: Cancel operations so hospitals can prepare for influx of virus patients, urge doctors

12 March 2020 HSJ

Anaesthetists prepare to join ICUs ahead of coronavirus peak