International Medical Graduates working or training in the UK

International Medical Graduates working or training in the UK

Details for International Medical Graduates who are considering working or training in the UK.

The information provided on these pages details the main routes for anaesthetists who want to come to the UK to train or work. For general information, you are first advised to consult the General Medical Council's document Important information for International Medical Graduates. Any doctor considering coming to the UK should also read the NHS information for Overseas Qualified staff.

Before coming to the UK and applying for registration with the GMC, you are strongly advised to research whether you have a realistic chance of obtaining the kind of job you want. Employment prospects in the UK are very competitive and careful consideration should be given to whether the risks involved in competing for posts are worthwhile.

Information about the number of applicants for posts categorised by specialty and location can be found at the British Medical Journal Careers website and guidance called Working and training in the National Health Service - A guide for IMGs can be found on the NHS Employers website.

The College does not assist doctors in obtaining employment but the following websites may be useful:

GMC's Welcome to UK Practice

We would recommend that anyone new to medical practice in the UK attend a Welcome to UK Practice course run by the GMC. Adapting to UK medical practice can be hard for any doctor, regardless of where you’re from or how experienced you are. There can be significant differences in practising medicine in your home country and the UK, and it can be difficult to adjust to working in a new culture. The free workshop is designed to help doctors new to the UK, by offering practical guidance about ethical scenarios you may encounter, and the chance to connect with other doctors coming from abroad.  

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) doctors will receive a Welcome to UK Practice session from the GMC as part of our New to the NHS induction days.

Simulation courses for doctors new to the NHS

The simulation programme is an induction training package to integrate doctors into the NHS.

The learning outcomes are catered specifically for overseas international doctors new to the NHS and include:

  • Introduction to flattened hierarchy, multidisciplinary team work
  • Introduction to Common national protocols & guidelines and where to find them
  • National Audit Projects, (NAP) & NELA.
  • Introduction to consent and ethics
  • Checklists, stop before you block
  • Critical incidence – Major haemorrhage, Anaphylaxis, LA toxicity, FONA, ALS
  • Communication skills including shared decision making, breaking bad news and SBAR handover

The following centres will be running the programme in 2022

Simulation Centre Simulation course date Price CPD Points Contact to reserve your place
Medway Maritime NHS Trust 


26 and 27 May 2022

1 and 2 December 2022

£175 10 CPD Credits

Gemma Wrighton, Clinical Skills Operational Manager:

Dr Mali De Silva:

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust 30 September 2022 £125 6 CPD Credits 

Book here

For further information contact                              Dr Anagha Tambe, Simulation Training Lead

Northampton General Hospital 6 October 2023 TBC TBC Information to follow
Royal Preston Hospital 16 November £125 5 CPD Credits 


Introduction to NHS Working Practices for Overseas International Doctors

The online Induction for International Doctors e-Learning programme is now available on e-Learning for Health. This programme is very relevant for all new Non-UK qualified doctors in the UK including MTI doctors. The programme introduces internationally qualified doctors, who are new to UK clinical practice, to national ethical, social, legal and professional aspects.

The programme has 26 e-learning modules in total which are interactive sessions produced by CMFT, along with a number of sessions taken from other e-LfH programmes which supplement the focus of the programme. Previous completers of the programme have found that it increased their knowledge about UK clinical practice and it was useful in enhancing the patient care they provide.

Sessions include case-based scenarios and are intentionally generic in content, thereby making them useful for doctors of any specialty and grade. It is expected that this e-learning programme will act as a driver for new international doctors to commence a focused discussion with their educational supervisors, to develop professional development plans and to undertake additional training as per their specialty/local needs.

If you have any queries or require further information please contact us via or call us on +44 (0)207 092 1559